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So I recently did some shopping at The Body Shop after which announced their Valentine’s Day special sale and? I bought more of their products because let’s just be honest: can one ever have enough of TBS? Their formulas are amazing and you see the difference after using their products in a very short period of time! So I decided to review some of the products I have been obsessing over from this brand.

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Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash: I am one to experiment a lot when it comes to face washes. And I must say this has by far been my favorite. This green gel like wash has a cooling effect on the skin and a fresh aroma. It does not leave the face feeling dry or itchy. I use it in the morning as soon as I wake up and double cleanse my face at night i.e. I first squirt a little amount of it on a cotton ball and use it to remove my makeup and then use it as I normally would to cleanse my face and follow with moisturizing. It is said to contain organic tea tree (obviously) from Kenya which is supposed to lighten blemishes and be acne clearing; Tamanu oil, which has moisturizing properties and Lemon tea tree that has antibacterial properties. I simply love the invigorating smell and deeply cleansed feeling that using this face wash results in.

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The Vitamin E sink in moisture sleeping Mask: I’ve been using this product for some months now and I must say, it has become necessity in my night time skin care routine. Vitamin E is supposed to be heavy on the skin. So formulating it into a night cream is perfection. It contains wheat germ oil which is said to be the richest source of vitamin E in nature. It also contains glycerin and cocoa butter that contribute towards a smooth and silky skin while moisturizing and hydrating it deeply. Vitamin E is one of the best antioxidants and helps to protect and repair the skin from harsh environmental damage.

I massage this night cream into my skin on alternate nights after cleansing and though it is a little heavy and it leaves the face looking all greasy, it gets absorbed in a while and I wake up in the morning to remarkably soft and supple skin. When I was touring Rajasthan in January, I made it a point to use it daily because I knew I needed the extra moisturization in such harsh climatic conditions. And boy, did my skin thank me for it: my skin was evidently so deeply moisturized and irritation-free by the morning and I was spared from the dry patches the face tends to get in harsh, windy conditions.

Though I’ve heard a lot of people with oily skin complaining about break outs after using it, my skin has thankfully been reacting quite well to this cream. You might want to use it just twice a week as the packaging suggests if you have super oily skin. But for my combination skin, alternate nights work just fine.

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The White Musk Smoky Rose body mist:  This lovely mauve colored bottle of body mist has been my fragrance for months now and I just never get bored of it. One whiff of it in the store and I bought it without wanting to give others a try. After application, it comes off as a strong aroma but it wears off and what you’re left with is a feminine, slightly floral scent.

The top notes of this aroma are supposed to consist of pink pepper, bergamot and black current; while the middle notes are black rose, orange blossom, tobacco blossom and immortelle. The base notes are olibanum and white musk (of course). It has a very sultry fragrance and I use it both for morning and evening outings. It lingers for quite some time on clothes but not as long on the skin (then again, I’m yet to find a body mist that stays on the skin for more than just a few hours).

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Vitamin C glow boosting moisturizer: I’ve heard a lot about the TBS Vitamin C range. That’s what made me buy this moisturizer. I use it in the morning before applying my primer and makeup or just leave it free on the skin on days I’m at home or don’t really feel like my face needs a lot of coverage. It is a pretty light formula and absorbs into the skin very quickly, leaving behind a citrusy scent which I must accept is a boost for times when I feel sleepy early in the mornings (which is every single day ever). And it does stand true to its promise of imparting a glow to dull, grumpy skin and that’s just what I needed after long, sunny days in Rajasthan. I’ve noticed it imparts a glow to the skin on regular use but does nothing for acne or pigmentation. So this product is for anyone that is looking for a little rejuvenation and glow for dulled skin.

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Moringa Body Milk and Shower Gel: I knew I had to buy these for the fragrance alone. The soap free shower gel is delicate on the skin and leaves a floral scent lingering on the skin. The body milk is extremely light weight, seeps into the skin moments after application and my skin remains moisturized for a long, long time. On days I use this series from TBS, I skip my body mist. The fragrance is extremely pleasant and my skin feels healthy and oil free. I also love how TBS prefers to keep the fragrances subtle.

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Shea shower cream: Okay, so I am obsessed with shower gels, so what? This one has a moisturizing, soap free lather with a clean, soft aroma that leaves the skin feeling evidently soft and supple. It contains glycerin, sesame oil, Shea butter and sunflower oil; all of which are supposed to deeply moisturize the skin and improve its texture. Glycerin has skin softening, lightening and anti-aging properties; Sesame oil repairs damaged skin, slows down aging and acts as a moisturizer. Shea butter is known as a skin super food since it is said to contain endless advantages like skin smoothening, UV protection, and of course, moisturization.   On days I use this shower gel, I follow up with the Victoria’s secret Shea cotton moisture hydrating body lotion and my skin feels amazing throughout the day.

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And that, was my recent haul from TBS! hope you found it useful and if you use any of these products and have opinions, do let me know via email or in the comment section below.



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