Shades of Blue

You need to be you

The darkness isn’t black, love

It’s blue

A deep, deep cerulean

It’s as blue as you are right now

Royal as the depths of oceans

You hide in

With all your desires and emotions

For it’s not the darkness that’s black, my love

It’s you

And the doors that click

And the nails that scratch on them

Trying to break in after they

Failed to persuade you to open up 

Are nothing but you

And that part of you 

With messy hair

And ragged clothes

That silhouette you see

Moving around



Waving at you

Running it’s icy fingers down your spine

From far away

Making you scream out in pain

Is telling you 

To dive into the despondence

Embrace it as if it were

All you’ve ever wanted in a home

Walk through the shades of blue

Until you realize there’s as much of a rainbow in you

As there is darkness

You need to fight the silhouette

For she is you

The part of you you so deeply dread

For all that you dread about are nothing

But you

And you need to be you.

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