In Between

Get behind the door and shut it up, my dear

For it’s dark outside and it’s dark inside

And you may as well sit behind the known

For newness is a trap, with its mystery so pied

The outside world is unsafe

And ten times as destructive

While the demons inside are familiar

And far less seductive

And what you see now

As a flickering light of hope in the dark

Is but a firework you by blunder lit

And your light is slowly making way down its exquisite neck

It is an irrevocable trap

And what you must know

Is that your  light will exhaust itself

While giving vigor to what you lit

And when it does, it will erupt itself

It’ll shred your heart into pieces

While it destroys traces of itself as well

And your burns will be out there for the world to see

And if nothing else

You shall extinguish on your own

As the wind outside will swallow you whole


Come out the door my dear,

For though it’s dark outside and it’s dark inside,

And it’s far better to explore the unknown

Than to have the same old demons

Hovering menacingly all  around you

For what you think is an explosive

Is but an exhausted life you by blunder lit

And it is asking you to stay

For you call this light

I call you fire

And it’s not the same

Sit beside it

So you can save yourself from the dark

While it shines brighter with your aid

And heal that veiled scar mark

Yes, the world is perilous

But what is existence without a little peril?

Come outside, my dear

You’ve been in the dark for too long

And the world is waiting for you to consume it

As you stand burning between the door

For the wind can also spread your fire

-Dhanya Nair
Picture courtesy- Gunratna Bhaskar.

Check him out on Instagram here.

10 thoughts on “In Between

  1. It is my first time to visit your blog and read what you write.
    I am sure that I get something about you and the life you would like to achieve, although English is not my native language.
    Love your word ‘This is where I shall put into words my sorrows when I feel them. And this is where I shall share my love for fashion, beauty, books, travel, food, photography and creating as well.’
    Nature gives us something inside us that we can not change or deny. But no matter what, we always have a way to achieve a beautiful life. It may not be easy, but it is OK.
    Wish you all the best.


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