A seven hour road trip to Jodhpur followed our stay in the golden city. The people living in and around Jodhpur are commonly known as Marwaris, owing to the establishment of this city over the Mandore city of Manwar. It is the second largest city of Rajasthan and is called the Blue City which is quite appropriate as most of the architectural works here be it temples, houses, hawelis and forts here are all flamboyant shades of blue.


Day #05

We first visited the Umaid Bhavan palace built by Maharaja Umaid (of course) Singh in the 1920s. It is also quite popularly known as Chittar palace and is enlisted as one of the largest private properties in the world and spells every bit of luxurious. The place flaunts a number of opulent assets: everything from crockery to extravagant cars. The architecture is described as Indo-Saracenic and was designed by a popular British architect named HV Lanchester. The history of this palace is associated to a curse by a saint who claimed that the city will be hit by a severe famine followed by the good rule of the Rathore Dynasty. It is said that Maharaja Umaid Singh built this palace in order to help the farmers who subsequently did fall prey to a drought. Though a large part of this palace has been turned into a museum, it still remains the abode of the Jodhpur royal family.

DSC_1041DSC01937DSC_0973DSC01965DSC01961DSC01951DSC02103   DSC01948DSC01959DSC01958DSC01950


Day #06

We next visited a historic rage that is the regal Mehrangarh Fort that towers on hills 125m up into the Jodhpur skyline. The fort boasts of cannonball imprints on it’s walls caused by an attack on it by the army of Jaipur. It is brawny on the exterior and beautifully intricate on the inside; owing to the grandeur of the Moti Mahal, Sheesh Mahal and Phool Mahal. The Moti Mahal (the Pearl hall) is where the royal families held their audience. The Sheesh Mahal as the name suggests, is adorned with mirrors from the ceiling to the floor. The Phool Mahal, designed predominantly from gold, was the pleasure arena of the Maharajas.



That’s a portable staircase!



This is where coronation ceremonies used to take place.


And that was Jodhpur, folks! We did a little shopping in the markets of Jodhpur before we left for Udaipur. So stay tuned for the Udaipur travel diaries. All pictures have been clicked by a Sony Xperia XZ and Siddhant Yadgire’s Sony Alpha 58. Check him out on Instagram here.



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