Of Subdued Angels

My lips are colored
Sharp, red and glowing
And I sever anyone I kiss
With words that rip apart
I deepen wounds
With every lethal slash
And actions that change
Like dawn to day
So blindingly bright
I hope that you don’t fall
In form of shreds
For I cannot stop myself
From lashing out
Every time you get closer
And I know you shall be
Nothing more than nothing
By the time I’m done with you
And so I let you walk away
Let you to grow out of this feeling
You’ve grown in your heart  for me
One that only deserves light
So let it enter you
Every time you smile
For you’ve forgotten
What it’s like to do so
And you call it love
I am not what it’s supposed to feel like, my love
My angels might be dying
To come out and see you
But even they know
There isn’t a way out
For they’re in caged under my ribs
While my demons are armed
And they guard my lips.
-Dhanya Nair

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