An Understanding Of Misunderstandings

You don’t see how

I’m always locked up in a box

And still don’t fit in

You won’t listen to me 

Because you don’t understand

Why my blistered arms are 

Afraid of steering wheels 

And crashing into walls

And I do not understand

Why you like the monsters

You keep stashed in your closet

And under the bed

In the pocket of your jeans

And the alleys of your heart 

I won’t listen to you

Because I do not understand

The withering of your bones and

The seasons whitening your hair

Or the roughness of your hands

While you don’t see why

My nail beds are always bleeding 

And my wine glasses are always full

You don’t see how the world outside

Is set on fire

And my box is made of metal

And I don’t see your love

For fireflies and campfires

Fireworks and sunshine

For you like to play with fire

While I like the silence underwater.

-Dhanya Nair.

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