Of Summer Nights And Wanderlust.

I’m not allowed to expect anything else
From this summer fun loving
After all, what keeps me bound to you
Is how free you are
Is how one can never tell with your heart
One minute it is
Crawling under alien sheets
Making love to strangers
You’ve known all your life
Narrating bizarre chronicles
And unfathomable adventures
As you stroke silky skins
Soaking in the moonlight
And let your tales sink in
Even the silver nights
Want to be eavesdropping
I’m not allowed to wonder
If I’ll be nothing but a crinkled, yellowing page
Of your weather-beaten diary
You are handwritten notes
And antique telescopes
You are inconsistency and discontentment
You are thirst and nourishment
And I am
A work of art
Violently beautiful
Your nomadic heart
Will never understand my deep roots
I move mountains and hearts alike
For as you scale them
I leave without leaving.

-Dhanya Nair.

One thought on “Of Summer Nights And Wanderlust.

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