When you google the word Quaintrelle, it says “A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm and cultivation of life’s pleasures.”


Hello there! My name is Dhanya Nair; Kiddo to those I love. I’m a wanderer, a dreamer with quirks and interests the world may fail to find reasons or logic in. I write dark poetry and I wear bright colours. I’m into fashion and beauty and I have a nerdy side that wants to stuff my feet in warm, fuzzy socks and read forever but I also want no interesting place in this world not visited by the time I’m 60 and slayin’. I want to stay in and write forever but I also want to travel and become a story-teller. I love people and I write better than I talk. Simply put, I discover contradictions in me only I can discover; for everyone else is too busy finding the perfect description for themselves. Like I am.

Ever read a word with an alluring meaning or a paragraph where a character is so beautifully described that you wish you had all those words for yourself? Quaintrelle is exactly that one word for me. It is both a mind-set and a way of life I hope to achieve by the time I’m at complete peace with myself and have found a place in this world; for I will. And I’m sure that after exploring the word in depth, it’ll be so for many of you. Quaintrelle Vibes is where I take a step towards embracing all my eccentricities as well as the accepted, exemplary parts of me as if they were one and help all those who want to tag along. This is where I shall put into words my sorrows when I feel them. And this is where I shall share my love for fashion, beauty, books, travel, food, photography and creating as well.

For the thirst of sharing my poetry as well as the hobbies that soothe that dark-poet inside me, here’s Quaintrelle Vibes for you.

Much love,